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The Home of Effective Configuration Management (CM & SCM)
Effective CM/SCM is next generation CM/SCM. The Objective of Effective CM/SCM is to
reduce the cost of executing CM/SCM to near zero by Achieving 100% Developer
Executed CM/SCM.

Our Mission
Evangelize Developers,
CM/SCM Practitioners, and Program Managers into realizing there is a
better, lower cost way to implement an CM/SCM system

But what is CM/SCM? CM/SCM is: a management tool that applies an engineering discipline to
manage the evolution of a  system from concept through to system retirement. The primary focus
of this tool/discipline is to ensure the repeatability, traceability, and integrity of the system being
developed and produced.

What is the Best CM/SCM System? The simplest system needed to ensure repeatability,
traceability, and integrity. The simplest system is an automated, integrated, and transparent
system, executed by the management and development team, a collaborative project repository
containing all project information - it is built into the development environment and process.

What Happens to the CM/SCM Practitioner? They evolve into system/process engineers
responsible for maintaining and enhancing the automated, transparent environments utilized by
the management and development team. They focus on value added non-clerical process
improvement activities. They become experts in application of automated process driven,
integrated CM/SCM systems and tool interfacing and integration
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