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About Effective CM/SCM
The Characteristics of Effective CM/SCM are:
  • A tool based software/application lifecycle management approach to CM/SCM-
    which manages and controls an electronic repository of all software development
    artifacts. Including documents, design models, databases, code, test scripts, action items,
    change documents of all types, etc.
  • Comprehensive Versioning and History Log- all objects in the electronic repository
    are versioned following object specific development processes and carry a history log
    containing name, date, time, and type of action for each change
  • Collaborative Project Repository- To provides a coordinated view of the project data
    for all members of the team.
  • Electronic Enforcement of Project Objectives- such as preventing unauthorized
    changes to development objects and inadvertent closure of change documents that have
    not completed processing.

The Principles of Effective CM/SCM:
  • A system engineering function that is a pro-active in-yer-face discipline stressing the
    technical aspects of CM/SCM
  • Supports the definition and implementation of the software development environment and
  • Satisfies the needs of management and developers
  • Focus on the smallest work product of significance to the development team
  • Follows the Files that need to be changed!
  • Integral to the software development process
  • Unobtrusive to the point of being 100% developer executed
  • Manages changes to all project components as they move through their development
    and approval cycle
  • Manages the application of progressive levels of control to a products evolving process

Effective CM/SCM Is:
  • Cheap Project Insurance: Product Integrity Focused
  • The Manager/Developers Best Friend
  • A Developers Tool: Developer Executed
  • A System Engineering Function
  • Difficult to do Right
  • Free When Done Right {almost:-)}

IS NOT (just):
  • Version Management
  • Change Management
  • A Build/Release Function
  • An Administrivia Function
  • A Trivial Task
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